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In Person and Online Therapy Sessions Available | (616) 309 0737
2460 Burton St SE #101, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Depression Therapy

Do You Feel Hurt, Sad, Or Alone In This World?

  • Has depression robbed you of your sense of purpose or meaning in life? 
  • Do you frequently feel sad, tired, unmotivated, irritable, or hopeless?
  • Are you feeling stuck and powerless to overturn ingrained beliefs that you’re unworthy, broken, or even unlovable?

Perhaps you wish you could just live and function like everyone else, but the emotional weight is too encompassing to shake off. Or maybe you’re beginning to recognize the impact that depression is having on your life, and you’re hoping therapy will finally help you heal and find some relief.

Depression Can Follow You Throughout Your Daily Life 

For instance, in the morning you may have trouble getting out of bed or finding the mental energy to face the day. When you finally manage to leave the house, you probably feel like you have to put on a good face for friends or co-workers so nobody worries about you. 

At work, you may struggle to stay on task or perform your best because you’re constantly in your head, battling negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. And when you make it home, you don’t have the emotional bandwidth to hang out with friends, engage with your partner, or do anything you once enjoyed. 

Depression has a way of making you feel alone and hopeless, but you don’t have to navigate the pain and sadness on your own. With the help of a kind and compassionate depression counselor, you can finally heal and live a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. 

If you feel you’re in crisis or Suicidal

If you or someone you know are having a hard time, it is urgent that you reach out for help immediately. If you’re having suicidal thoughts or behaviors, call 911 or get to your nearest emergency room. You can also call the national suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255. You are not alone, and I promise this horrible feeling will pass. You don’t have to suffer alone.

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woman on hilltop with hands up looking joyfulGlobally, Depression Has Become An Increasingly Prevalent Health Concern

Everyone gets sad occasionally, but when persistent feelings of grief, sorrow, or hopelessness begin to disrupt your life, depression can slowly take root. Sadly, although depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, only a fraction of the 250 million people who struggle with the condition ever seek treatment. (1)

So what causes depression? There can be many factors that either contribute to, exacerbate, or cause depression:

  • Genetics or family history of depression
  • Medical conditions, injuries, certain medications
  • Past trauma, abuse, or adverse childhood experiences
  • Grief and loss or difficult life transitions

Depression Naturally Makes People More Resistant To Therapy

When a person is in the midst of an emotional crisis, it’s hard to see through the wall of pain and sadness to recognize that there is hope for healing. Even if they do manage to rationalize their emotions and figure out a game plan for feeling better, depression can rob them of the energy to do anything about it.

Plus, we live in a society that’s built upon unrealistic expectations for self-sufficiency. If we need help, we look weak. If we don’t have all the answers, we look foolish. If we can’t bear the weight of our emotional pain, well…then we’re just not trying hard enough. 

The truth is: everyone needs a little help here and there, and reaching out shows tremendous strength, courage, and self-awareness. The support and guidance you can receive through therapy allow you to free yourself from depression and feel more in control of your emotions and your life. 

Depression Therapy Can Help You Find Hope And Healing

happy family with daughter riding bike

Many people struggling with depression feel like a burden to others, so even seeking treatment seems like an imposition. But that’s what therapists are for. 

Our job is to be your ally—to accept you unconditionally and offer you a safe space free of judgment or agenda where you can express yourself without holding back. In that way, therapy isn’t just about healing and managing the symptoms of depression; it’s also about finding your voice, discovering who you are, and learning to love yourself and your uniqueness. 

But first, we need to get to the core of what’s going on and understand it better so we can create a treatment plan that speaks to your needs…and that requires a little exploration.

What To Expect From Depression Counseling Sessions

When we meet for your therapy session, you’ll have an opportunity to share your story and describe your experience with depression. We’ll look at when the trouble began, how long it’s been an issue, and what kind of situations make it worse—or better. We’ll also discuss some of your initial goals for therapy and where you’d ultimately like to see yourself.

Once you feel comfortable and familiar with the process, we can start turning inward together and explore different aspects of your life in more depth. The goal is to identify any reasons—original wounding in your past or current aspects of your lifestyle—that help us determine why you’re struggling with depression. 

By creating a detailed collage from the individual pieces of your life, we can identify what makes you happy, build upon your inner resilience, and draw a roadmap to healing that’s tailored to your needs. 

Our Perspective On Depression Therapy And The Healing Process

We take a comprehensive, person-centered approach to depression treatment that places you in control. That means, for example:

  • If you feel stuck and you’re searching for meaning and purpose, we can help you discover what makes you feel charged and excited to live each day to its fullest. 
  • If you’re struggling to function because of an overwhelming sense of sadness or despair, we can identify concrete steps you can actively take to feel better, together.

Our therapists are trained in a variety of treatment methods and therapeutic approaches. Throughout the healing process, you’ll be equipped with various evidence-based tools to help you self-soothe, stay centered, and communicate your experiences clearly and without guilt.

If you feel hurt, sad, or hopeless, you are not alone. Depression can get the best of anyone, but with the help of a caring and empathetic counselor, it is possible to heal, grow, and find new meaning and joy. 

You don’t have to feel like you’re just waiting in line for life to be over—you can discover a new way of being that is much more fulfilling. 

Perhaps You’re Considering Therapy for Depression But Still Have Concerns…

I’m worried that depression treatment will be too expensive.

The short-term cost of therapy pales in comparison to the long-term damage that depression can cause to careers, relationships, and physical health. Plus, working with a therapist is usually temporary. The goal is to help you quickly address any underlying factors responsible for your depression while making sure you have the tools and insight to manage symptoms and future challenges on your own. 

Does depression counseling really work?

Most people do not have anyone they can confide in or offload their pain with. The most powerful aspect of therapy is the relationship of trust and understanding we build that allows you to be vulnerable, break down, and let it all hang out without reservation. That alone can be a transformational experience. 

What’s more, our in-depth approach to depression counseling goes far beyond symptom management by using tried and true, evidence-based methods to facilitate deep healing and lasting change.

Isn’t there a stigma surrounding depression and therapy in general?

Our society hasn’t always been the best at acknowledging the importance of mental health, but that is finally changing. These days, seeking help from a professional is a sign that you have the courage, inner wisdom, and desire to discover a better version of yourself. In some circles, working with a therapist is even considered posh or hip. After all, suffering in silence is so yesterday—why not try something new?

Let Us Help You Heal And Find New Purpose In Life

If you’ve struggled with feeling hurt, sad, and alone for long enough, depression counseling can guide you toward a newfound sense of joy and fulfillment. Please contact us to find out more about how depression treatment may be able to support you.


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