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Five Steps to Achieving Better Communication in Relationships

Nearly 90% of couples that seek counseling at our practice indicate they want to learn to achieve...
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How to Navigate Challenging Life Transitions

When we’re young, life transitions are fun and empowering. We go from crawling to walking, walking to...
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Therapy Counseling Grand Rapids Mi Evolve Therapy Group

5 Signs You Should Start Therapy

For many people out there, therapy is an intimidating concept. Even hearing the word “therapy” can bring...
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Couples Therapy Grand Rapids Mi Counseling

How Will Couples Therapy Help My Relationship?

Let’s face it, relationships aren’t always easy. There are plenty of good moments but there are also...
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Question About Group Counseling Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

Group Therapy FAQs

Have you been considering therapy but you’re too afraid to sit one-on-one with a therapist? Do you...
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Individual Counseling Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

What are the Benefits of Individual Therapy?

Seeking therapy is a major step for a lot of people. It can be incredibly intimidating and...
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Couples Counseling Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Try Couples Counseling

When you first fell in love, you could never imagine that someday the sound of your partner...
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Addiction Recovery Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

How Compassion Can Help Support a Loved One Suffering From Addiction

It can often be difficult knowing how to navigate a relationship that is tainted by addiction. Often,...
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Recovering From Infidelity Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

How to Recover from Infidelity

In my time as a marriage counselor, there is probably one statement I have heard more than...
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Achieving Mental Health Goals Grand Rapids Mi Therapy

How Counseling Can Help You Reach Your Goals in the New Year

If you struggle to set goals, let alone reach them, you are definitely not alone. Roughly 92%...
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