Walter McGraw, Service/Therapy Canine

Walter Picture For Website

Meet Walter McGraw! 

Wally is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever. Walter was originally in training with the Michigan State Police to become a bomb dog, but he did not make the cut. Scott LaRoe, of Magnum K9, quickly began training him to become my service dog. Walter went through extensive training to learn how to “sniff out” when an anxiety attack is about to occur, distract me from the effects, and provide physical pressure to relieve the symptoms. 

Although Walter is a trained service dog, he acts more as a therapy dog; Walter comes to work with me and provides my clients (and colleagues) with the same emotional support. Going to therapy can be intimidating and challenging, but Walter will make you feel right at home. 

Some of Wally’s favorite things include cuddling, swimming, playing F-E-T-C-H, and most importantly, his most prized possession, Lamby.

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