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In Person and Online Therapy Sessions Available | (616) 309 0737
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How Will Couples Therapy Help My Relationship?

Couples Therapy Grand Rapids Mi Counseling

Let’s face it, relationships aren’t always easy. There are plenty of good moments but there are also inevitable disagreements. Sharing your life with another person can get downright stressful at times.

The mistake many couples make is to not seek counseling until their problems are insurmountable. Research surrounding the matter suggests that couples struggle anywhere from 4 to 6 years before they get help.

It is important to act now if both you and your partner want to make things work. But you’re probably asking, well how will couples therapy even help me? Let’s explore 4 core ways.

Couples therapy will allow you and your partner to:

  • Solve Problems Before They Worsen
  • Improve Intimacy
  • Renew Trust and Support
  • Grow as a Unit

Solve Problems Before They Worsen

Partners enter into couples counseling for a variety of reasons. It could be an addiction, infidelity, parenting styles, or more that is putting a strain on the relationship. No matter the problem, deciding to ask for help is a huge step in the right direction.

Our licensed marriage counselors have years of experience helping couples talk through their issues. It’s all about getting in front of the problem and both learning the skills needed to reach a given solution. It can be exhausting or even frustrating but the more practice, the better.

Resolving conflict as it starts to unfold will put your relationship in a much better state than if you ignored it. Speaking and listening to each other in real-time is the healthy approach that will often solve the problem on the spot.

Improve Intimacy

Have you and your partner grown distant from each other? Do you not show affection as much as you once did? Fortunately, couples therapy is here to tackle that by finding the underlying cause of the issue.

In each session, our marriage counselors will ask questions, review goals, and guide the conversation to learn details about the relationship. They will teach you how to properly communicate your needs and feelings to one another so that you both feel respected.

As you progress through relationship counseling, you will likely notice a closeness between you and your partner that feels different than before. It is common for intimacy to seem stronger after therapy sessions and that is thanks to a reinforced connection.

Renew Trust and Support

Gained insight into a relationship often leads to two people changing the way they conduct themselves. That’s because their behaviors or actions have been clearly pointed out to them and they are taught to recognize why some may be hurtful to the other person.

Correcting negative relational patterns and increasing emotional expression can result in trusting as well as supporting each other again. It is through therapy that you are able to see that it is possible to work together when disagreements arise.

Grow as a Unit

The goal is never to grow apart or so separate that collaboration is a thing of the past. Talking it out during therapy will bring you closer to your partner and allow you to instead grow together.

Overcoming differences and coming out of the experience stronger than before is the ultimate goal of couples counseling. If both individuals put in the time and effort, the odds of the relationship surviving are very much in their favor.

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