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Let’s be honest, asking for help can be scary.

We may worry about what others may think. We may even question ourselves, wondering if we really need counseling. The truth is that therapy is for everyone, including you.

So often, we’re used to neglecting our own needs and inner voice. This may cause us to look for ways to escape life and avoid being present in the moment. The result is a life unexamined and unfulfilled.

Life can often be challenging. But it’s easier when you’re able to recognize your own patterns and change your behavior. It is also easier when you realize you’re not alone.

That’s what therapy does. It gives you the tools you need to succeed. It also provides a safe outlet for you to explore your feelings and experiences. Ultimately, improving your mental health is a journey. It’s a journey that takes courage, kindness, and resilience.

But it’s also a journey that’s well worth taking.

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Grand Rapids Mi Therapist Janice Twesten

The owner/founder Janice Twesten, LMFT

As a clinical therapist and founder of Evolve Therapy Group, my specialty is helping clients work through anxiety and trauma. I also work with couples helping them to reconnect and obtain understanding, better communication, and empathy in their relationship. I use evidence-based tools in the sessions. My goal as a therapist is to help you better understand yourself, find happiness, and feel more fulfilled as a person, a partner, and a professional.